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At 04:35 PM 3/24/99 -0600, Rick and Rose wrote:
>Does anyone know of any classes coming up in my area? I am interested in
>Natural Farming and Permaculture. I have some books and have been reading,
>but would like a little hands on, and seeing how things are done. I know
>there are internet courses and would like to take one some time but for now
>am looking for something in this area.
>Thanks, Rick
>I live in Mid Missouri.

Hello there,

In case if you do not find any classes in your area, we are having a
permaculture design certification course in New Mexico, with an introduction
to biodynamics during the class. A lot of hands on expirience, too (at least
8 hr)
The Permaculture Institute,USA is proud to announce its first residential
intensive two week design certification course. It will be offered on the
property of an intentional community Casa Las Barrancas in Pojoaque, which
is being developed as a permaculture demonstration site. 

        Course topics include but are not limited to:

* Permaculture Philosophy, Ethics, and Principles 
* Methodology of Design - observation, deduction, random assembly, zoning, etc
* Reading the Landscape, Site Analysis, Mapping
* Principles of Natural Systems, 
* Patterns in Nature, Society, Culture - understanding and application
* Water in Landscape 
* Soil Building, Erosion Control, Earthworks
* Forest, Trees and Their Energy Transactions
* Building Design, Appropriate Technologies
* Designing the Productive Home System
* Useful Plants and Animals, Aquaculture
* Invisible Structures, Village Design, Community Economics
* Local Trading Systems, Urban Permaculture, Permaculture Credit Union

This course will have strong emphasis on hands-on exercises after classes
on the community wetlands, field, orchards, and gardens. The exercises will

        * water catchment and channeling, 
        * planning and planting a windbreak,
        * plant identification,
        * laying out a key-hole/ mandala  garden, 
        * building a herb spiral 
        * and possibly a straw-bale wall raising.

The community land has many design challenges for the class to examine -
strong seasonal winds, highly variable microclimates, and erosion potential. 
This course aims to provide students with a strong foundation to create
their  own sustainable living situation in this unstable world.
Course facilitators : 
        Scott Pittman, founder of the Permaculture Institute, who has 13
years of experience of teaching, designing and living permaculture on 4
continents with indigenous people, an expert on the field of large scale
land bio-remediation, holistic property design, alternative building,
earthworks and invisible structures. For last 5 years Scott has been
teaching with the originator of the permaculture Dr.Bill Mollison.
        Joel Glansberg, well known teacher and designer, wizard of
food-forests and guilds design, founder of the Flowering Tree Permaculture

Number of participants will be limited, in order to provide the students
with opportunity for personal interaction with the teachers. 

Lodging: limited space in the community guesthouse, please register early,
$130 for 13 nights in double occupancy rooms. Camping $30, please bring your
own tent. Offsite accommodation within walking distance from the site can be
arranged, call in advance.
Tuition: $950 for two week course with one day off. 72 hours of formal
instruction. Course outline, handouts, three organic meals a day are
included. Additional free evening presentations on biodynamic, herbal
medicine, plant identification and more. 

                Discount $50 if paid in full on or before 3/31
                To hold your place a deposit of $250 is due 3/15
                Make checks payable to the Permaculture Institute,
        PO Box 3702 Pojoaque NM 87501
Other details call 505-455-0270,  fax 505-455-0514  or  email us
pci at

Scott Pittman

Permaculture Institute, USA
PO Box 3702, Pojoaque, NM 87501  US
phone 505.455.0270

Ingenio Patet Campus

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