indigenous permaculture

Julanna Hennessy jhenness at
Thu Mar 11 12:30:28 EST 1999

Thank you, but I don't think you understand.  I don't need info on 
how to do it,  I want to email correspond with others who are.  And 
lots of people, yes even here in Oz, do not include very much if any 
indigenous materials.  Their choice, but not what I'm into.  A couple 
of your links were ones I hadn't come across. 
Thank you

> Julanna Hennessy wrote:
> > Is anyone trying to do permaculture with indigenous plants / animals?
> I certainly hope there's no one trying to do Permaculture WITHOUT indigenous plants and
> animals!
> > I'm interested in talking about any difficulties you're having, and especially if
> > you're in Australia.
> At the Activist we get newsletters from Pc groups in Australia and they're filled with
> info about exactly such experiments and, from the looks of it, quite successfully. The
> answers you need are much closer to home. The following list should get you started:

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