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I'm trying to find some Permaculture Designers, teachers or "wannabe's" who
are looking to relocate to a more rural country place that offers them a place
to teach, and the opportunity to participate in an Eco-Village based largely
upon such principles.

Long term I hope to develop the farm into a teaching and education center for
Permaculture, Sustainable Living and Small Scale Organic farming.

The assets, and natural resources are in place. If interested please take a

For the right kind of folk I can be very flexible. This endeavor is not about
More about the quality of life, and the power of like minded, dedicated, moral
folk to accomplish so much more together.

I envision Goose Creek as an incubator farm that will feature a variety of
farm based enterprises including agro forestry, Community Supported
Agriculture, Education Center, diversified farm enterprises like pastured
poutry, and livestock, herbs, flower, and nursery production. Landscaping and
beautification projects to turn this place into a showcase also fit well(BG).

Here's a snippet from VAMOOSE a new e-zine on rural life,Y2K


GOOSE CREEK FARM, An Eco-Village Community : One 
creative answer to Y2K relocation is community.  
For example, Frank Tomeo is starting a small 
eco-village of 10 or so families at his farm in 
south central Kentucky.  It's a real rural country 
area, and cost of living is far less than in many 
places. Just the place for those seeking to find a
more, simple independent lifestyle. Check out this 
beautiful farm at:

Let me know if you are interested. There are still a few parcels unspoken for.
It's a truly gorgeous place. 

It took me many years of searching in several states VA<NC<SC<OK<MO<NY<TN<GA
to find such a place at an affordable price with most of the features we

I feel energized just being there ...and it is very private.

Best wishes to all.   Frank

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