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This update includes new information on where to
mail order English Bulldog (Record-Bulldog) garden
tools from companies in the USA. Until recently
there has not been a source for them here; for those
not familiar with Bulldog, they are lifetime tools
and the best designed and fabricated and most durable
of any in the world; Japanese and German brands are
of equal quality and offer different types of tools
not usually made in England (I am looking for sources 
for these if anyone knows of any).

Agricultural Hand Tool Sources

Garden Tools of Maine
RR2, Box 2208, Holden, Maine 04429
Phone: 888 271 2672 Fax: 888 271 2674
Email: gtmaine at 
Hortus Ornamenti
"Fine Gardening Tools
Hortus Ornamenti prides itself on producing some of the finest quality 
hand made gardening tools and accessories available today. The designs 
are inspired by those of bygone eras, these are ideal gifts for 
the discerning gardener."

Hortus Ornamenti
23 Cleveland Road
West Sussex
PO19 2HF
United Kingdom

+44(0)1243 782467

Email to fax:
remote-printer.Hortus_Ornamenti at 
Lee Valley & Veritas

"If you have ideas for new tools (either gardening or woodworking), 
or other recommendations, we would like to hear from you. 
You can reach us by mail at these addresses: 
USA & International

We serve USA and international customers by mail order. Packages can be
shipped by UPS ground to anywhere in continental USA. Packages to Alaska
Hawaii are shipped by UPS air. 

Lee Valley Tools Ltd.
Mail Order Center
12 East River Street 
P.O. Box 1780, Ogdensburg, N.Y. 13669-6780 

We serve Canada by mail order and through our retail stores. See our
location maps for the store nearest you. 

Lee Valley Tools Ltd.
Mail Order Center
1090 Morrison Drive 
P.O. Box 6295, Stn. J, Ottawa, Ontario K2A 1T4 

or by telephone at these numbers: 
or e-mail us at customerservice at
A. M. Leonard
Sales: (sales at
Customer: Service (custserv at
General Information: (info at
To order call toll free number 24 hours a day at (800) 543-8955.
Customer Service/Technical Assistance call 8:00am - 5:00pm EST at (800)
Fax: 24 hours a day, toll free, at (800) 433-0633

A. M. Leonard, Inc.
241 Fox Drive
Piqua, Ohio 45356-0816

Tree maintenance and nursery equipment, miscellaneous
tools/supplies, eye hoes, scythes
Smith & Hawken				
"Tools of the Trade - A Complete Source For the Organic Gardener"
2 Arbor Lane, Box 6900
Florence, Kentucky, 41022-6900
Customer Service: 1-800-776-5558
General info:
25 Corte Madera 
Mill Valley, California, 94941

Also excellent! you may need to ask them what tools they
have for sale that are not listed in their catalogue,
held-over stock offered in out-of-date ones -
i.e. the 4"X7" Japanese field hoe (grub-type eye hoe using 1 3/4" X 54" 
handle) they used to offer, an indispensible tool!
They now offer English Bulldog brand eye hoes; also a complete line of
digging forks, digging spades, spade forks, border forks and border
and straight snath scythe systems.
Smith & Hawken and A.M. Leonard sell a scythe system with a straight 
wooden snath (lightweight, strong & easy to use) and an Austrian
grass & grain blade that is thin, long and can easily be sharpened. 
This tool is perfect for cutting lawns. It _can_ remove weeds/grass
down to the ground. It's fairly easy to maintain the proper stance and
motion to cut your grass to a consistant height and in regular arcs that
together evenly. A wonderful tool, indespensible for the rural dweller
and suburban 
gardener alike. Smith & Hawken sells a straight two-handled model while
AM Leonard sells a slightly curved one with one handle (you grip the top
of the handle
with your other hand). It is possible that S & H no longer carries their
model, but if
they get enough requests fir it that might offer it again.
"Gardex offers the widest and most comprehensive range of agro/garden
tools from India"
"Gardex offers the widest and most comprehensive range of agro/garden
tools from India.
We can develop any model as per your requirement"
- Marketing Office:
808, Antriksh Bhawan
22, Kasturba Ghandhi Marg
New Delhi - 110001 (India)
Tel. : (91 - 11) 3715431, 3722159 
Fax. : (91 - 11) 3715096
E- Mail : sarat at
- Corporate Office:
C- 7 Focal Point
Jalandhar - 144 004 (India)
Tel. : (91 - 181) 290889, 293890, 293891
Fax. : (91 - 181) 290562, 225581,
E- Mail : corporate at
Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
Tel: (530) 272-4769        
Fax: (530) 272-4794 
OFFICE HOURS:  Monday - Saturday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST 
P.O. Box 2209
Grass Valley, CA 95945
Spear & Jackson Tools + many other useful brands
Walt Nicke
Walte Nicke's Gardentalk
A Catalog of Fine Tools for Gardeners
The Kinsman Co.
Kinsman Garden Company, Inc.
River Road
P.O. Box 357
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania, 18950
1-800-733-4146, 215-297-0890 (local) info & orders
Fax: 215-297-0450
215-297-5613 wholesale 
Email: kinsmangarden at
English Record/Bulldog garden tools & many other garden items

Kinsman carries  a half dozen or so of the more popular English Bulldog 
tools under the Record name (Record now owns the Bulldog garden tool
They have their own catalog with these and many other garden items
They will do special orders of any Record/Bulldog garden tool carried by
the Record Tool North American distributor, 
Record Tools, Inc.
1920 Clements Rd.
Pickering, Ontario, Canada, L1W-3V6
(Canada #) 905-428-1077
(USA #) 716-842-1180
Record Tools, Inc. provides wholesale and retail outlets with a very 
wide array of Record/Bulldog garden tools. Call or write them for their 
catalog and use this as a guide for special ordering what you want from
The Kinsman Co., who offers retail mail order sales.
Seeds of Change
3209 Richards Lane 
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87506
[May offer retail mail order sales of Record/Bulldog garden tools]
James Cooksons (Stockport) Ltd.
Cheshire, U.K.
Spear & Jackson, Bulldog and other brands of high-quality traditional 
English hand garden tools. Many different types of spades, forks, hoes
and other implements. Contact them for a catalog - they do mail order 
sales to USA (no duty, no VAT, depending on where you live you may only 
pay state use tax).
Miscellaneous phone numbers:
Gardener's Supply Co. (800-863-1700)
A.M. Leonard (800-543-8955
Smith & Hawken (800-981-9888) 
Langenbach (800-362-4410)
Kinsman Co. (800-733-4146)
Walt Nicke's Garden Talk (508-887-3388)
Harmony Farm Supply (707-823-9125) 
Peaceful Valley Farm Supply (916-272-4769) 
Request a catalog from:
Johnny's Selected Seeds
Foss Hill Road
Albion, Maine, 04910
Customer service: 1-207-437-4301 
They supply EARTHWAY and PLANET, Jr. seeders and will, on request
give you information on suppliers of other seeders (i.e. a small
corn/bean seeder. You may want to hybridyze the EW and the P, Jr.
when planting small seeds in rough terrain. An organic vegetable grower
North Carolina has successfully done this.
Whole Earth "Ecolog" mentioned five tool suppliers for farm and garden
supplies; my hunch would be try 
Lehman's Hardware and Appliances,
Their catalog is $2.00 from:
PO Box 41, 4779 Kidron Rd., 
Kidron OH 44636
The Cook's Garden
"Seeds and Supplies for the New American Kitchen Garden"
P.O. Box 535
Londonderry, Vermont, 05148
Fax: 802-824-3027

Offers the Korean "HO-MI" hand cultivator (curved trowel/cultivator),
well-designed and effective
Necessary Trading Co.
One Nature's Way
New Castle, Virginia, 24127-0305
FAX - 703/864-5186
Phone: 1-703-864-5103
"Natural Solutions for Farm, Home and Garden"
Wide range of supplies, books, fertilizers, tools and equipment -
catalogue headings include: books, composting equipment & supplies,
soil testing equipment & supplies, cover crop seeds, fertilizers
(their largest offering), pest management supplies and equipment,
wild bird supplies, animal care supplies and miscellaneous hand tools.
A major supplier, along with Zook & Ranck and Fertrell, for organic 
farmers and market growers in the Eastern U.S.  
Snow & Nealley
Axes & Mauls, Gardening and Woodworking Tools
Order Desk Hours, 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday Eastern Time.
(207) 941-0857 
Postal address: 
P.O. Box 876, Bangor, ME 04402-0876 
Electronic mail: 
General Information, Sales, & Customer Service: info at 
Garden & Landscaping Connection at Where-AT (tm) website
Lots of gardening links
Hand & Garden Tool Connection at Where-AT (tm) website
LOTS of links to all sorts of tool and equipment manufacturers & dealers
P.O. Box 451 
Graton, CA 95444
Cumberland General Store 
Catalog $3.00 from:
Rt. 3 box 81, 
Crossville TN 38555
2310 W. South Range Road
North Lima, OH 44452-9731                   
Offerings: seeds, woody plants, perennials, tropical
plants, tools, growing supplies
Forestry Suppliers, Inc.
P.O. Box 8397
205 West Rankin St.
Jackson, Mississippi, 39204
"Quality Forestry, Engineering and 
 Environmental Equipment, Shipped Worldwide"
tools, equipment and supplies for the forestry industry
P.O. Box 453
Blairstown, N.J., 07825
Toll Free: 1-800-362-1991
Ben Meadows Company
Equipment for Natural Resource Managers
3589 Broad Street
Atlanta, Georgia, 30341
Fax: 1-800-628-2068
Mail Order address:
P.O. Box 80549
Chamblee, Georgia, 30366
e-mail: mail at (great Web page!)
See pages 132-139 for garden handtools information;
see esp. page 134: Adze Hoe & Pic'N Planter tools
Shepherd's Garden Seeds
Shipping Office
30 Irene St.
Torrington, Connecticut, 06790
You might also call the folks at ATTRA (Appropriate Technology for Rural
Areas) at 1-800-346-9140. They might have some other names & addresses
for you.
P.A. Bonvallet's Sons Inc.
R.R. 1 Box 160
St. Anne, IL 60964                          
Offerings: pots, containers, soil conditioners, fertilizers
Comments: wholesale distributor
W. Atlee Burpee & Co.
300 Park Ave.
Warminster, PA 18991-0001                   
Offerings: seeds, perennials, bulbs, woody plants, supplies
Comments: separate seasonal catalogs are available
Dayton Bag and Burlap
210 Dowdle St., Unit 5
Algonquin, IL 60102                         
708-658-8488       Fax: 708-658-4197
Offerings: nursery supplies
Comments: wholesale distributor
The Dramm Company
P.O. Box 528
Manitowoc, WI 54220                         
Offerings: watering tools
Earl May Seed Company
208 North Elm Street
Shanandoah, IA 51603-0099                  
Offerings: woody plants, seeds, perennials, growing supplies
Garden's Alive
Hwy. 48, P.O. Box 149
Sunman, IN 47041                            
Offerings: tools, equipment, IPM supplies, beneficial insects
Gardener's Supply
128 Intervale Rd.
Burlington, VT 05401                        
Offerings: tools, equipment, IPM supplies
P.O. Box 270, 211 Blue Mound Rd.
Mount Horeb, WI 53572   
800-328-8473       Fax: 800-551-1128
Offerings: agricultural supplies, protective equipment
Grower's Supply Company
P.O. Box 1123
Ann Arbor, MI 48106                        
Offerings: indoor stands, lights and trays
Henry Field's Heritage Gardens
1 Meadow Ridge Rd.
Shenandoah, IA 51601-0700                   
Offerings: woody plants, perennials, tools, supplies
Innis Violets
8 Maddison Lane
Lynnfield, MA 01904                         
Offerings: African violet growing supplies, high dome terrariums
J. W. Jung Seed Co.
335 S. High Street
Rondolf, WI 53956                           
Offerings: seeds, woody plants, perennials, tools, supplies
Midwest Trading
P.O. Box 384
St. Charles, IL 60174                       
708-742-1840       Fax: 708-888-3818
Offerings: horticultural supplies, equipment, tools, and structures.
Comments: wholesale catalog
Park Seed Company
Cokesbury Road
Greennwood, SC 29647-0001                  
Offerings: seeds, bulbs, perennials, growing supplies
Comments: separate seasonal catalogs offered
9959 Valley View Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3585                 
800-654-1047       Fax: 612-941-5036
Offerings: tools, equipment, growing supplies, IPM supplies
Comments: offers a range of organic lawn and garden products
Wayside Gardens
1 Garden Lane
Hodges, SC 29695-0001                       
Offerings: perennials, woody plants, growing supplies
Comments: illustrated catalog
Wingert Pottery
1185 Atlantic Dr.
West Chicago, IL 60185                     
708-293-9097       Fax: 708-293-9114
Offerings: clay pots, garden ornaments
Comments: an extensive selection of clay pots, wholesale
and retail, a division of Ceramo Company, Inc.

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