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On Thu, 1 Apr 1999, Christer Ellingsen wrote:

> There you are,
> so I finally found you all.
> let me introduce myself.

Welcome to MetaLab's permaculture discussion forum!
Glad you found us. 

> I'm 30 years old, esoteric healer by profession and have been leading
> what you might call an alternative lifestyle since I was about 16.
> Some years ago I "discovered" the internet and was transfixed by it's
 > potential when it comes to spreading a message to a large group of
> people worldwide. and was especially fascinated but the prospect of
> putting out any amount of information, and letting the "people on the
> streets" come find it them self, and then being able to provide those
> same people with means of communicating with each other both in real
> time and on a mail or news system. I have been studying since then the
> net, the art of web design, and peoples behavior on the net. With the
> goal of helping good ideas and organizations like for instance
> permaculture to take advance of this potential. My approach to web
> design/ net use is very much the same as the one I use to life in
> general: put in a lot of serious effort, plant a seed and let it grow
> and it will very much take care of it self, provide it with water in
> times of draught, and see to that the weed don't suffocate it, or better
> yet let the "weeds" pull their weight, and in time you will harvest in
> abundance, and your long term effort is small. Web communities can be
> created the same way.

It does seem to work that way, fortunately for all of us.
> I have now started a small web design/consulting business, and one of my
> customers are the Norwegian permaculture association. I am building a
> big web for them with lot's of good info, several ways of community
> building communications and features that we hope will make the
> scandinavian permaculture internet community grow. And I have been asked
> to do the same in english, underway by central people in denmark.

What is the address of your Norwegian PC website?

> As a part of that job I have been scourging the net for some time now
> for links on permaculture and anything related. Mailing lists and
> newsgroups. And found a lot, but when it came to news groups i was at a
> loss until this after noon, when i found this list with a possible news
> group interface. During my hunt I bumped into several other

Yes, this list (or forum) _does_ have a news interface. 

> out on exactly the same hunt. In fact it went so far that I am in the
> middle of the process of creating a alt.permaculture or
> alt.sustainable.permaculture (There already is a

Possibly a good idea to create alt.permaculture, though it may get
spammed enought to discourage active participation by good contributors.
This list can be made spamproof - said users and their posts can be
permanently deleted/locked out.

> alt.sustainable.agriculture group as I'm sure most of you know) But now
> I am at a loss since there already is one active permaculture list with
> a newsgroup interface.

This is that list.

> I have taken some hours to consider this and my conclusion is to ask you
> that are visiting this news server what to do.

I'd suggest sticking with this list for the long haul. Alt.permaculture
may be a good idea too.
> I don't mean to put anyone or anything down but you seem to be a little
> hard to find. Since most people use their ISP's news server to visit
> newsgroups they look at the groups they offer, some might even go to
> deja news and look there and if they don't find what they are looking
> for they don't think it can be found. So maybe a alt.permaculture, that

You just have to know the name of our news server in order to access this
list, and it is: news://franklin.oit.unc.edu.

Here's complete info on our PC forum:

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> would show up on a lot of news servers around the world would be a good
> idea anyway, it wouldn't be a competitor to this group rather a boost.
> More people would find their way to a group or list,
> and the two could work for each other. there are some people ho have  a
> natural aversion for mailing list and there are alot of persons that
> prefer newsgroups to mailing lists, i am aware of the fact that there
> are several lists out there but since this seems to be a active and
> healthy list I thought it was worth a try to get opinions from you.
> So what do you say good people?

Alt.permaculture may be a good idea but this list has more features and
is more versatile .... and is spamproof ...._and_ archives everything posted
to the list for public retreival.
> I see from an earlier posting to this group that some of you use ICQ I
> have ICQ # 13078734 have e-mail aasnee at online.no and are registered at
> icq under the nick name norseman, if some of you would like to seek me
> out to discuss this proposal or other issues or just have a chat
> session, be my
> guest.

I'll have to crank up my ICQ Chat program again and get back online - will 
contact you there when I do. 
I am dirtfarmer, ICQ # 27930345
search ICQ for my info - 
I haven't been online for months - don't know if my account is still
We really ought to have a permaculture chat
room. Care to set one up on Mirabilis home page (the ICQ users homepage)?
What's the best version of ICQ to get at this time? ICQ 99b? or a later
version? What is the best site for downloading the software?

> I do apologize for any unclearity due to bad syntax, grammar or
> misspelling, english is obviously not my natural tongue.

You're doing just fine, not to worry.


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