Difference, Community, and Sustainability

Unleesh at aol.com Unleesh at aol.com
Tue Mar 23 06:12:10 EST 1999

It seems to me that there are some elements in mainstream American society
that really get in the way of sustainable community ...

...and a main one is intolerance of difference, exceptionality ... i really do
think it's a big deal that just wanting to control one's appearance, for
example, is such a big deal ... if you have different colored hair, or like to
dress differently, or if you're gay, or if you're pagan, people make it really
really hard for you to get along or fit in and thusly you have to reach
outside your "community" (snicker) to other "communities" (snicker) for those
who are different there, and thus maintain phone, car, and email relations
across local channels ... if I could be myself locally, find companions
locally ... but realistically, amongst all these monster trucks and mainstream
Xtian moralistic judgemental mediocre fools? *sigh* ... these technologies
perhaps are bandaid solutions to social problems which need to be faced head
on ...

...if there were widespread celebration of diversity, I could see neighborhood
gardens, regular weekly block parties, and car poolings, etc ... i could see
safe bicycling and public transpo ... but i don't trust enough, and thus only
reach out to those who seem to share something in common that they're
different ...

... anyone else had any similar thoughts or troubles?

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