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> Is there a dialogue between native gardeners and permaculturalists?

unleesh, in my experience the question is problematic.  it really
depends on the openness of the native gardeners.  most of the prairie
nuts I know around here equate permaculture as being outside the bound
of prairie restoration, (to put it lightly), & tend to have a native
"bible" of what fits in the picture & what doesnt, based in part from
the cataloguing of prairie remnants.

the permies on the other hand are keen to draw from any resource within
reason & design (for instance we have collected a tremendous amount of
prairie seed & are interplanting it in our various nut & fruit
orchards.  the best explication of the exotic vs native (more blows than
world wide wrestling federation) are the essays in the JH HUDSON seed
catalogue.  (I would post them here, but he asks that they not be
distributed on internet, but the catalogue is available for $2)

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