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Lawrence F. London, Jr. london at
Sat Jul 31 19:28:42 EDT 1999

On 31 Jul 1999, Thilo Pfennig wrote:

> "Lawrence F. London, Jr." <london at> writes:
> > 4)perma-l at (Germany, hosted by Thilo Pfennig, mostly German
> > language)
> > [Thilo: Can you give us subscription info for this list?]
> mailinglist for natural farming (europe/temerate climate)
> This list is for discussion about natural farming and permaculture for europe
> (and temperate climates). This includes the methods of Masanobu Fukuoka, Marc
> Bonfils and others.
> --------------------------
> This is now for english language (or other european languages)
> I felt it was not useful to exclude non-permaculture natural
> farming. Fukuoka is very active nowadays in southern europe.

> Thilo Pfennig 
> <http://Alternativ.Net/>

What I meant was the method used to subscribe:
1) email ID of server to send subscribe/unsubscribe messages to
2) what are the commands needing to be sent, text in message body, etc.



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