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>I hope the resounding silence to my question is a glitch in your computer
>server and not a "ignore him and he'll go away" response.  I would greatly
>appreciate an answer.

In case Skye is out doing something more meaningful that sitting in front of
a computer, I suspect this (or a further evolution of it) is what is being
referred to (from a post by Skye earlier this year describing the first
course being offered in Mexico with a new format design):

>>New Format Permaculture Design Certificate Course 
>>May   22, 29     Merida, Yucatan 

>>The 72 hour, two-week residential format for the Permaculture Design
>>Certificate course developed in Australia under a regime of generous
>>social and employment-condition contracts. It suited Australian work and
>>ifestyle patterns. 

>>But it does not work well outside those conditions.  USA, Germany and
>>England have all had to develop different formats. Here in Mexico, we
>>are finding the same experience. 

>>To make it easier for people to get their Design Certificate,the
>>Instituto de Permacultura de Mexico AC is now offering a new format. 

>>The first module is an eight-day (in Mexico a "week" is often spoken of
>>as "ocho dias" -eight days) intensive, residential course. During this
>>part the basic theory and technologies of Permaculture will be covered,
>>using practical and creative teaching methods. The second phase involves
>>the students returning home and undertaking the design component of the
>>course from their own home base, and for a project that is directly
>>relevant to them and their lives. In this time they will be supported
>>through correspondence or email with the course teacher/tutor. This
>>design work must be submitted for assessment prior to the issuing of the
>>Design Certificate. 

>>This format is more affordable, the design project is more directly
>>relevant to the participants and we believe the standard of work on the
>>designs will be higher than normal (it certainly has to be better than
>>the "substantial attendance" requirement of Australia that assures only
>>that people attended, not that they actually learnt anything!). 

John Schinnerer

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