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On 29 Jul 1999, Thilo Pfennig wrote:

> "Lawrence F. London, Jr." <london at> writes:
> > This is the place to do it. 
> >
> > <Someone please suggest a website name for this URL)
> > ... Global Collaborative Permaculture Project, GCPP
> > ... PC4U2
> PDP Permaculture Documentation Project ? (from :

I like that one.

> LDP Linux Documentation Project)
> But I am not shure if "documentation" really gets it?

Depends whether you are a PC FAQ _writer_ or a PC FAQ _reader_.
The site could be partitioned off into areas for the FAQ writers,
the guild/zone/pattern/gardening info resource gathers,
and one for the GPDP [global permaculture directory project]
or global permaculture referral service - and a fancy main page
displaying the results of all this work.
Contribute Freely <-*-> Use Freely

I just downloaded lots of nice Javascripts to use -
feedback  submit form - append info to publically readable 
webpage (w. hotlinks) dynamic pull doen menus, cascading menus
and more


Where is there a public new server I can access the newsgroup
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