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Hmmm. Ya listening up there on Orcas Island? Joe? Sam?? Doug??? My guess is
you're too busy doing it to bother with all this computer stuff. But I still
feel that the necessary reduction in global resource demands can be enabled
through the use of the Web interconnectivity and home-bound creatures such
as I. Maybe all this technology pilled up around me in well organized piles
of 1's & 0's will pan out in the long run.

A small leap in consciousness may be required to view carefully grown
silicon/germanium/iridium oxide families of crystals as organisms. If we
were passing by this planet in a hurrrrrrrrrry and couldn't stop - just slow
down - we'd travel on, wondering about "...that aqueous planet with the
stark, immaculately clean, precision temples where extraordinary neophytes
grow crystals to  their Object Oriented Information God...". I hope they
find us cleaning this place up 'cause it's sure a mess around here.

So if you're listening up there on the marsh turned farm turned bog turned
marsh-orchard, I just volunteered to help out with the Permaculture
International Website. Who knows? Maybe your idea of a three-dimensional GUI
utility for marshalling the known information for a given niche will come to
pass after all. And perhaps all this yakity yak yak about computers I've
been going on about for the last 25 years will eventually do something
useful to the real problems facing earthlings.

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> Maybe you should look on the traffic the global directory produces,
> before you start off. I don´t know you conditions or how thick youir
> lines are, but if your connection is not good, the resulkt might be
> very slow browsing on your pages.

MetaLab can handle the traffic without any problem. I have already
created a generic permaculture website here to accomodate whatever the
needs of the folks in this group are. This included all detractors and
naysayers, those in learning mode, newbies and all.

> But I think what Lawrence and others try fits very well in the global
> directory. Maybe it is possible to work with them for you?

I am ready to begin our GPD here at MetaLab now. Over coffee just now I
put together a clutch of ready-to-go resources we can begin using very
effectively. All I need to do is plug the code into the webpage.

Details in my next post, after another cup of coffee and something to eat.
I will need VOLUNTEERS, a few with passworded access
to a ducument input area.

This is a way cool project that I think we can easily pull off -
it will build over the years and the ease of use of these new resources
will help it along.

> BTW: I am very busy nowadays, so my work (PC-faq in sgml, etc.)
> will have to wait. But I have all this mind.

Thanks go to you for that, Thilo.

And Dan: Try to make this GPD project work for you. Your permaculture
activities are very interesting and valuable to all of us and I, for one,
am interested in helping promote your publications, workshops and courses.
Your presence in this list is valued.

el hombre de las pocas palabras

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