Urgent Advise Wanted: Sheet Rock - Good or Bad??

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I lived in Cody, Wyoming, USA where a sheet rock factory was producing large
quantities of the stuff. Horrible! At certain points of the process, the air
quality in the region became almost unbreathable - and I do not have any
known lung condition. And you should see the open pit mines that the gypsum
comes from. Yuk. Additionally, the product is very dense and therefore
places an inordinate pressure on the global transportation network. Please
use something else.

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Contrary to another post, using or not using sheet rock depends on how much
of a purist you are.  Sheetrock is made mostly of gypsum rock fibers, which
are fairly inert.  True, there are some quantities of toxic chemicals in
the glue that holds the paper to the rock, so I wouldn't ingest it
directly.  However, the microorganisms in the soil will probably break that
down over time, much the same way they break down the toxics in newspaper
or cardboard.  Since you're using it in an orchard, there is time for that
to occur.  I have used gypsum board waste before in gardens and in and
around mulched areas.  Admittedly, I haven't done the science to measure
soil toxicity levels or plant uptake.  So much to do.
Gene Monaco


Anyone know what's in sheet rock (aka: drywall, plasterboard, etc.)???

I have a chance to rescue some sheet rock from a trip to the local landfill
tomorrow morning (Pacific Time).  Is there any reason I should not break it
up and scatter it around my apple orchard?  I know there's calcium in it,
but are there other things in it I _don't_ want in my orchard?

Any information appreciated!!

Eric Storm

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