Keyline !ATTN!: Darren & Frank & everyone else on the list

FranksFarm at FranksFarm at
Sun Jul 25 13:07:27 EDT 1999

Hi Lee,

Always good to hear from you. It's been a while.

Lots of good ideas in your post...a few of which I am already checking into 
like the water dousers. I have a neighbor who is supposed to be good at it.. 
He's also a local magistrate...but he talks up such a storm..I'm worried 
about his depth. he he

I'm told this summer has been unusually droughty.  We had less than an inch 
yesterday. Any rain is helpful.  Real sporadic...and spotty. Sometimes areas 
a few miles away get rain and we none.

here are lots of drainage ways on property. In spring most have 
water...sometimes lots. So that water probably percolates a bit before ot 
reaches Goose creek, and owings Branch Creek which flow into the Green River.

I'd like to build some low cost ponds, or storage areas.
I'm also wondering wether it would be cheaper to build a well for field 
irrigation, cattle etc.  I'm told water table is within 40 feet or so.  But 
don't like risk in such if perchance the spot drilled doesn't pan out.

Look forward to hearing from you.

How's the weather out your way.   Frank

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