Keyline !ATTN!: Darren & Frank & everyone else on the list

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Sat Jul 24 19:37:48 EDT 1999

In a message dated 7/22/99 9:44:39 PM, pcorgbgo at writes:

<< we have time as Frank's not able to do anything until some
time in August.>>  probably even later. Need is even greater though...due to 
above average heat, drought period Goose Creek is real low, and some of the 
feeder drainwages have just dried up. Only small spring fed pond still has 
water...and it's very shallow..looks like 2'or so.  

So it's even more imperative that I find ways to contain the abundance of 
water in spring etc.

Larry your interactive area sounds great!   Cheers. Best to all.   Frank

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