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Wed Jul 7 21:38:37 EDT 1999

At 02:01 AM 7/7/99 -0700, Permaculture West wrote:
>	A recently met friend living near Boise, ID has expressed interest in
>learning more about permaculture and would dearly like to both dialogue
>with like-minded folks in her region as well as ideally visit some sites to
>see how people are adapting sustainable design strategies.  She is living
>on a fairly sizable piece of property and having recently retired is quite
>interested in devoting her energies to seeing to its "right" management.
>	Any relevant contacts would be appreciated.  Please reply to her at:
>	Pam Allen
>	pia at
Dear Pam,
I am director of the Permaculture Institute, we have a demonstration site
north of Santa Fe, NM in the village of Pojoaque.

If you would like more information please send us your questions and comments.

Scott Pittman
Scott Pittman

Permaculture Institute, USA
PO Box 3702, Pojoaque, NM 87501  US
phone 505.455.0270

Ingenio Patet Campus

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