Alternative wastewater treatment - UK group sets pace

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Tue Jul 6 14:26:13 EDT 1999

Aloha Larry,

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>Not in those ftp directories. The file collection will remain there
>edited (cleaned up or as is). 

OK, just wondering...I wasn't expecting a raw index, and it's really hard to
tell what anything is for or about.

>When I have time I will copy much of
>the info in those directories and incorporate it into new web (html)
>pages that will be linked in to my main page and offshoots, i.e.

Got it...that will make it more accessible to the average surfer, I think.

>There is an awful lot I would like to do but time is the
>limiting factor. 

I can relate...

>Some of my
>new work may end up being done in a collaborative permaculture page
>that Steve Diver are working on. In fact most of my new work to
>become a permanent collection will probably be there,
> Would you like to be part of this

Well, time is a limiting factor... ;-)  Finishing grad school takes
precedence right now, but depending on where this project is at when I've
lightened that load, it's a possibility.  I've been pondering how to
re-design my site for maximum accessibility and my best answers so far
involve a whole lot of back-end DB stuff that I don't have access to or
support for plus design and coding work that I don't have time for...!

Best wishes,
John Schinnerer

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