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Principle-based initiatives are important to permaculture. Many of us
will be familiar with these - especially those of community-based
organisations and private farmers and householders.

Less conspicuous are those initiatives working with communities in
developing countries. The Solomon Islands Planting Materials Network,
for example, has for the past four years worked directly with rural
communities, development aid agencies and government agricultural
research and extension organisations to make available the non-hybrid
seed of food crops used by village subsistence farmers.

Based on the successful model of the Seed Savers Network in Australia,
the Solomon Islands Planting Materials Network has achieved recognition
for its pioneering work throughout the South Pacific as well as in

Now, to meet increasing demand for its services, the network is seeking
funds to consolidate its achievements and to progressively expand.

You can learn more about the Solomon Islands Planting Materials Network
by clicking onto...

If you like what you read and would like to give practical finanical
assistance to the network, you will find a form on the website to print
and fill out.

Thanks for your assistance

...Russ Grayson
APACE (Appropriate Technology for Community & Environment)
Project & Development Education Manager

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