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>bugs in that there must be a poisonous one somewhere."

while i have no idea about the jungle on PBS i know that here in central
europe there are bugs (actually beetles) around, that 1 or 2 of them can
kill a man. and they arent huge either.

>This in turn reminded me that we have in the past collected bugs to make a
>bug juice to spray on to plants. I think this is a common recommendation in
>use of Bt - you can stop buying if you keep collecting the mortally wounded
>are recycling their essence. The basic point being that you can return to
>the plant a bunch of relevant bug pathogens. I think it is useful to look on
>the individual bug as 10% microorganism.

yes, here the trick is to liquify them and then let the stuff sit for a day
or 2 - so the microorganisms really get a strong go - then drai and spray -
biological warfare...

>Traditional Aboriginal Australian diet involved bingeing on seasonal bugs, a
>very notable example being the big fat woolly bogong moth, which migrate in
>millions into the high country to breed once a year, at a very handy time in
>terms of winter fat needs for the locals, who would put on pounds and
>pounds, late winter, banqueting on bogong barbecue. But these were part of a
>very sophisticated and selective and poison-aware, medicine-aware
>traditional diet.

not only that, my bushtucker literature stated about this moth that even
the abos go through their times of vomiting every year for a day or two
until the system gets used to this diet again... 



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