PC Journal e-mail rejected: I'm looking for a book!

Marsha Hanzi hanzibra at svn.com.br
Fri Jul 30 12:41:53 EDT 1999

Hello Skye up there in Mexico!

I  visited the people in England in November, and tried to convince them how important
Carolyn Nuttall's book is.  They had not stocked it on the belief that  it would be too
tropical to be of use to them.  I hope I convinced them of the universality of the
information! (If anyone  else in the "cold" world has read and found valuable this
book, please let them know!)

PS everyone-- have located the IPJ!  There was a missing number in the fax number that
I had for them, and they kindly replied my e-mail ( thanks April! I apparently  had an
old e-mail for them...)

Thanks to all for the help!


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