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At 11:28 AM 7/29/99 EDT, Permacltur at aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 7/28/99 7:17:23 AM, vinci at alternativ.net writes:
><<It is a little difference if you hust put out a catalog of ressources
>or addresses, which you get form the whole world - and the only thing
>you do is make the layout and sort alphabetically - or if you really
>invent something new - and you feel you want to get something for it.
>Frankly, either you don't know what you are talking about or you are trying 
>to be argumentitive instead of reaching some sort of understanding.   
I have to go along with Dan on this one.  I have personally been involved
with many of the founders, editors, writers, and volunteers of IPJ and found
all of them to be extremely devoted to producing a good magazine in an
ethical manner. The have operated as a co-op and for most of the years of
their existence it has been hand to mouth. I find it extremely distastful
that they have not been consulted or invited into this brouhaha. 

Lots of luck in trying to do it on your own, as far as I know only the IPJ
and the International Permaculture Institute have maintained and encouraged
continuing international contacts and without those you would have a very
pallid list indeed.  Most of those contacts aren't on email so the task
becomes even more Hurculean when one is forced to deal with snail mail in
areas like Mali.

I think that this, as in so many cases, is a variation on the tale of Henny

We are talking about bother and sister in the struggle for a liveable and
just planet here, they are us!

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