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>Permaculture and related courses coming up in Mexico, this year!!!!
>Please pass on this information to friends or other organisations
>July 31/Aug 7 
>Permaculture Design Certificate Course (Condensed Format)

Could you please explain a condensed format?  According to the Foundation
Yearbook of The Permaculture Academy, 1993 edition.  Certification only
comes after 72 hours of instruction, traditionally this takes thirteen days
because you also need time for design exercise, talent show, hands on
demonstration, etc.  With thirteen days at 8 hours per day you get an
additional 32 hours for the stuff outside the purview of the course outline.

IN order to get in a full "certification course" you will have to teach 13
hours a day to get equivalent of 104 hours.  Or 9 hours a day to reach 72
hour of just course outline which I feel really short changes the students.

I personally find it a real challenge to cover all the material in two weeks
and understand why the course was originally three weeks.

I don't think you should call it a "certification course" unless you are
meeting the criteria established by Bill Mollison and the Permaculture
Institute.  That is the criteria by which all of us received our
certification and any thing less than that diminishes the value of all of
our certificates.

I realize it is a trend to modify and change those things in permaculture
that are inconvenient or difficult but if one changes too much then it is no
longer permaculture and shouldn't be called such.

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