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Hello Lawrence,

I hope you are well this morning (evening for you!!). I've been on the
computer since about 5.30 am sorting out some stuff with Marsha in Brazil
that potentially could use this technology as well. Good on you for taking
this initiative - if we've got it we may as well use it.

I am real keen to get the ball rolling and will have to pull my finger out
get cracking....I need to understand how we might physically go about this
process though - we have time as Frank's not able to do anything until some
time in August. I suspect you will need something of a rundown of the
process that I will undertake to do just this. I will get to work on this on
Monday next week.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours and Growing,

Darren J. Doherty

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> On Tue, 20 Jul 1999, Australia Felix wrote:
> > Subject: Re: Keyline
> > Hello Frank,
> > Thanks for the reply. I 'll put together a list that I supply to my
> > that may be of use. In terms of timing well that's up to you - you can
> > do things when you're ready.....
> > I'll get back to you later today/tomorrow,
> > Cheers
> > Darren
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> > > G'day  Darren,
> > > <<In terms of your project though I'm interested in helping you
> > > <<through the
> > > process of working out where your dams should go etc. I think we could
> > > this as an open book so that anyone else can put in their "two bobs
> > > and learn a bit along the way.>>
> > >
> > > That's a great suggestion and mighty nice of you to offer to share
> > > expertise.  But I already knew you were a swell:)
> > > I just got a scanner...but will take a while toget to know how to use
> > > I do have some aerial photos, and a contour map of the property. I'll
> > > have to figure out how to post it.
> OK, its now a done deal.
> Thanks to the generosity and expertise of the techies at MetaLab we now
> have the beginnings of an interactive area on the Web for the exchange of
> various resources: text files, wp docs, pictures, drawings, renderings,
> blueprints, eventually sound files.
> To make this project of Darren's and Franks an open exercise for all
> we now have a resource that can be use to upload and view/download
> documents and images without having to deal with ftp or email
> file attachments, neither of which are very interactive without
> extra work. This new upload tool make it easy for all of us to
> exchange pictures and documents quickly and easily. If there is a need
> I can create separate password-protected areas too. And this is just the
> beginning; soon I hope we'll have an easy to use discussion forum in
> which we can upload documents and images alongside out messages -
> open to everyone, no subscription or password required, fast and easy to
> use. I hope this will become the main Web resource we use to carry us into
> the 21st Century - it will be robust, fast and highly functional.
> To see and use this go to this location:
> It will also exist soon in:
> Or go directly to these locations to upload or view/download:
> Documents
> ---------
> Upload word processor documents or text files
> Read, save, download uploaded documents
> Images
> ------
> Upload graphical images (.jpg, .gif, etc.)
> View, save, download uploaded images
> Feedback welcomed.
> Lawrence
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