Khiza'a Permaculture Centre in Gaza Strip

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On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Scott Pittman wrote:

> >Please Circulate Anouncement
> >
> Is this date a typo or is this a case of "an hour late and a dollar short".
> Scott Pittman

AHLAADS, unfortunately, no typo. I discovered the post in a
small farmer questionnaire/forum I have set up off my homepage.
It's not much used and I don't check it often.

I heard the report live on the BBC radio and reported on that 
to the list a awhile back. Unfortunately the BBC webpage
on the broadcast doesn't seem to exist anymore though it may
have been put in an archive somewhere. Worth looking for
if anyone wants to check.

Regarding Mollison's Designers Manual, I found a copy in a
local Barneds & Noble store for $40 so I grabbed it. I
will have to say the book is way beyond anything I would
have dreamed of, a truly incredible magnum opus! There's
enough material in the book for practitioners as well as
teachers to learn and put to use to keep one busy for many

One method I really liked is filling the dividing/walking spaces 
between raised crop beds with muclh, all the way to the cropline 
along the sides of the beds. 

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