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To all in the Poultry News group.

Can anyone help Julieann??


Jim Hermes
Oregon State University

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> Dear James,
> Thea Lowry suggested you might be able to help due to your farm advisory
> work.  I am the Associate Producer on the PBS documentary entitled, "The
> Natural History of the Chicken," directed by Mark Lewis. We are looking
> for
> a small farm to film on for approximately three days.  The farm should be
> a
> small yet beautiful place with a selection of animals (cows, ducks, dogs,
> etc.) including approximately 30 chickens (some of which are laying eggs).
> Any ideas?
> I have an additional question that I'm hoping you can help me with. In
> 1945
> there was a chicken farmer named Olsen in Fruita, CO who choppd off his
> chickens head. He failed to cut off the base of the brain and the left
> ear,
> so the chicekn lived for several weeks. He was put on display in Salt Lake
> City, UT.  What I'm hoping you can do is put an e-mail out to the poultry
> community asking if (a) anyone is related to the chicken farmer, Olsen and
> (b) if anyone remembers this chicken whom I can speak with.
> Please let me know if this is a possibility or if you have any suggestions
> on locating this family. Thank you again for your help.
> Please e-mail me j-p at pacbell.net or call at (323) 469-5182
> Kind Regards,
> Julieann Pavesi

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