PC CU great idea

Tanja Dunn tanja at lamar.colostate.edu
Fri Jul 9 20:41:47 EDT 1999

I caught wind that a PC Credit Union was coming together in the book I 
just read, Investing with your Values by Brill, Brill, and Feigenbaum.  
I'm curious as to what's happening.  I'm a Permaculture and credit 
union supporter, and it sounds like a great idea.  Let me know if you 
need people to say in writing that this sounds great, that we would 
seriously consider participating/joining, etc.

Good luck in all you're doing,

Tanja Dunn
143 Fishback Avenue
Ft. Collins, CO  80521

(970) 221-2213

<tanja at lamar.colostate,edu>   (Know I'm very slow reading e-mail)

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