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On Thu, 1 Jul 1999, Scott Pittman wrote:

> Just as sometimes allopathic radical surgery is more effective to save the
> patient than say herbal medicine, the same is true with big equipment.
> There are huge areas in the world that swaling for water harvesting would
> revegetate and begin the restoration of vegetation and therefore the rain
> cycle.  If we were to use humans and shovels this would never happen.  With
> a bull dozer or road grader one can swale millions of acres with
> insignificant environmental cost when compared to the annual degradation
> that happens through natural cycles.  There are many alternatives like

> taking the military manpower around the world, give them shovels and put
> them to work building swales rather than killing each other, but while we
> wait for this to happen another desert is created and millions of people are
> starved and dislocated.  In this case to me the only "ethical" choice is to

It works both ways; those millions, billions benefitting from
implementation of permaculture systems within their living environment
must in turn agree to do their part in helping to stop overpopulation of
the Earth. Or we will all be lost to irreversable spoilage of our
collective nest.

> The three permacuture ethics - 1. Care of the Earth, 2. Care of all people
> (or species), and 3. A return of all excess to the benefit of 1. and 2. -
> sounds simple until one realizes that in order to follow those ethics one
> has to have a profound understanding of biological, geological, and social
> processes.  

Beautifully put!

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