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Subject: Water Harvesting Workshop at Arcosanti with Permaculture Drylands

Water Harvesting Workshop at Arcosanti with Permaculture Drylands Institute
Arcosanti is hosting a weekend Water Harvesting workshop the 9th and 10th Of
October 1999. The 2-day workshop will consist of a combination of lecture,
demonstration and hands-on components.
The following topics will be covered:
Permaculture ethics and design principles and the role water harvesting
plays in sustainability
Hydrologic cycle; rainfall, surface water, and groundwater conditions at and
near the site.
Household scale water harvesting techniques (cisterns, runoff calculations,
gardening basins)
Small-scale water harvesting techniques (basins, fish-scales swales, french
drains, etc.)
Broad-scale water harvesting techniques (gabions, spreader swales, keyline
concept, etc.)
Plantings in association with water harvesting structures
Developing a concept plan for water harvesting at the Arcosanti site.
The Teachers:
Dan Dorsey is a permaculture consultant and strawbale home designer in
Tucson, Arizona. He has practiced permaculture for 10 years at various sites
in and around Tucson, including restoration of Freedom Park, retrofitting
parking lots with water harvesting and plantings. He has studied Landscape
Architecture at the University of Arizona.

Ann Phillips has been teaching permaculture since 1995 in Tucson, Arizona.
She is currently a water resources planner at the State of Arizona where she
works with water conservation requirements and maintains the water budget
for a 3,800 square mile area. Ann has a masters degree in Water Resources
Administration from the University of Arizona.
Workshop cost: $125.00 Camping: $10.00 a night Guestroom accommodations are
available by reservation. Reservations may be made by calling: (520)

For more information call Karen Taylor at (520) 632-7135 or (520) 632-6222
Mail to: permalands at hotmail.com

Please make reservations for the workshop before October 4th, 1999

Tsonkwadiyonrat (We are ONE Spirit)
         Unenh onhwa' Awayaton

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