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i'm not quite sure what all this means, but it looks kinda cool...


Invitation to Participate

Ati Foundation is inviting all interested people to participate in our 
on-line internet Sustainable Global Habitat (SGHA)  Design Charrette to be 
hosted at the following internet site:

The purpose for the design charrette is to implement the plans described by 
Ati Foundation in initiating the SGHA as described in postings at the 
following internet sites:

The on line discussion group is intended to serve as an interactive forum to 
provide all persons interested in participating in design and construction 
of the sustainable communities described above, with an opportunity to 
provide input into the implementation of the sustainable communities.  It is 
also the hope of Ati Foundation that future residents of the sustainable 
communities will participate in a democratic process in the founding and 
design of their communities.   It is also the intention of Ati Foundation 
that future residents and all interested persons will comprise an on line 
community which will lead to a basis for democratic selection of a 
management team and in fact distributed and democratic decision making 
required to move forward the realization of establishment of viable 
sustainable communities based on renewable energy sources.

If you would like to participate go the above discussion group site by 
clicking on this link:

If you wish to post a message or contribution and that's what we hope will 
happen, it'll be necessary for you to join the discussion group by providing 
a username and password.   Messages and posting can be read however without 

We look forward to your participation in our global discussion group to 
establish a global network of truly sustainable communities.  We are 
confident that this initiative hold the promise of making significant 
contributions to the problems of fossil fuel use including global warming.

If we have included your email address by error please request by reply mail 
that we delete your name from our mailing list.

Thank you in anticipation for your input and we look forward to a lively 
discusion and experience for all of us.

Mal Kukura

President           Ati Foundation

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