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the one that may make u sound like a nut in this day and age is that with
many folks their eating is a religious issue.  many do not eat pork many do
not eat meat .  how can they follow there beliefs if man mixes up all the
genes. putting scorpion genes in a mango etc.  if man puts animal genes in
plants what happens to those vegetarians and if they put pork in the plants
what happens to many folks that for life it self will not eat pork. they
will stop at nothing all genes from anywhere or anything is up for grabs.  I
think no one wants to touch the religious aspect because they don't
understand what is really going on  I feel a cow is giving enough milk right
now. go back and read all the stuff that was said when the USDA let them
inject cows with a genetically engineered growth hormones.  made no
difference the fix was in. ask the USDA how many of those folks from
monsando came to work for the USDA in those days.   thats what open the
floodgates.    They are now changing life on earth as we know it by mixing
up all the dna.  I have seen them and I know them and I don't want them
genetically engineering my food.  they will not label
 they can not control what they are doing they cannot close the barn door u
know a lace wing larva can travel over 8 miles you think drift was bad wait
tell they start releasing dna changed virus,bugs,microbes etc.  they are
changing life on earth and changing dna and they don't know what they are
doing.  I think Frankenstein was better then these folks because at least he
was using all human parts.  they don't care what comes from where.
check out a organic growers web page
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> Sal-
> Precisely, those are some of the arguments used by apologists that I will
> be dealing with; they are certainly not my arguments. For me, they are
> mainly wrong from a strictly logical standpoint whether they contain any
> truth of not. I am merely trying to come up with all/most of the arguments
> they use so we can deal with them one by one. Can you think of any others
> that you have heard?
> Namaste',
> Guy Clark
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