Pond construction ideas needed (for FranksFarm)

Lawrence F. London, Jr. london at metalab.unc.edu
Tue Aug 3 13:08:38 EDT 1999

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On Tue, 3 Aug 1999, Pete at Kenton Range Tree Farm wrote:

> Some basic stuff I've done can be found at  KRTF water pages
> I would like to share some of my experiences with interested people, so In the next few
> days I'll knock some things up and post
> them in pdf on Lawrences upload file site if that's ok.

Please do and encourage everyone else to also. We can make good use of
this as a way to xchange info & pix. But posting in pdf format is OK for
those with readers that can view that (I don't) so could you also 
convert these documents to plain text for the rest of us for easy reading
and incorporating into webpages (plain text only for this); we can build
some interesting interactive pages here with html.
> Just to make sure I do post some documents, I'll let you know what to expect.
>  Kenton Range Tree Farm Pages

Pete: You might need to set your email reader to plain text rather that
html'izing your messages. I get a lot of control codes/stray ascii
characters that confuse your message text for reading and the URL's
you listed for your pages didn't make it through.. Could you repost those,
specifically: Kenton Range Tree Farm Pages and KRTF water pages. 
Many thanks for this.

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