Pond construction ideas needed (for FranksFarm)

FranksFarm at aol.com FranksFarm at aol.com
Tue Aug 3 11:45:36 EDT 1999

Hi John,

In a message dated 8/3/99 8:39:43 AM, jabdon at hotmail.com writes:

<< natural ponds dry up, usually rather quickly, and too often our 
implementations push the 'wetness' envelope beyond the tolerance of various 
guild members>>  Hmmm...that's one of the reasons I'm looking to build a 
pond...to prevent loss of water on farm through evaporation , eventual 
drainage to creek. I'll only be using a relatively small portion of the 
spring abundance. Eventually I'd lie to have several small ponds 
strategically placed for watering cattle, small scale field irrigation, 
habitat etc.

How large were those ponds you constructed? Glad to have people with such 
expertise commenting. It will keep the romantics grounded in reality. he he  
BFN   Frank

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