Anyone have a list of in-print books on permaculture?

georg georg at
Sun Aug 1 05:13:11 EDT 1999

>I'm interested in buying a few more books on permaculture and
>would be interested in suggestions from anyone here. I already have
>Permaculture I & II and Permaculture: A Designer's Manual.  I also have a
>lot of other books on related topics that I coulc list here if anyone's
>interested along with another list gleaned recently from the
>alt.permaculture newsgroup.

the best book to give away to others is imho patrick whithefield's
'permaculture in a nutshell' - as it is really short but still deep -
excellent book

also i have found robert kourik's 'designing and maintaining edible
landscapes naturally' very useful - a hands on person with lots of
experience, including lots of lists etc.



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