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At the graduate level, there's a master's program in Whole Systems Design
(they like to use capital letters... ;-) at Antioch University Seattle, a
highly individualized program which can easily be crafted to focus on
ecological designing, etc. etc..  It's not a curriculum or discipline based
program - as the name implies, it synthesizes wholism, systems approaches
and design action (I'm finishing up said program this fall).  AUS also has a
master's program called Environment & Community, which seems a bit more
curriculum-based but can also be pretty individualized.  
The AUS Bachelor's degree completion program is also very individualized and
mostly wide-open as to what studies one chooses to pursue to complete a BA. 

For the highly self-motivated, Vermont College has (or had - been a few
years since I saw this) a program where one finds appropriate mentors/grad
committee members from the world at large, writes a degree/process proposal,
refines it in collaboration with one's mentors and the College oversight
people and then carries it out.

Some community colleges are offering ever more ecology-related certificate
and degree programs, typically more hands-on/vocationally oriented than
four-year colleges and universities.  Check your local CC or JC...

John Schinnerer

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