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Subject: [seed-saving] New resource website on seedsaving - Please contribute

Apologies for cross-posting!

Dear all,

I have just put a website on-line entitled "Seedsaving and Seedsavers Resources"
at http://homepage.tinet.ie/~merlyn/seedsaving.html

The aim of the site is to provide a "one-stop-shop" of link resources for people
like myself who are interested in in-situ agricultural and horticultural plant
genetic resources and their preservation and who are looking for easy access on
the how & why of seedsaving, on sources (world-wide) for organic, heirloom,
open-pollinated and non-GMO seed and plants, on seed-swapping with other
gardeners/growers, on crop and varietal information etc.

Current headings include:
Heirloom and OP varieties: Saving Plant Genetic Resources
Botany, Genetics and Horticulture for Seedsavers
Trading seeds: Seed Exchanges on the Web
Buying heirloom seeds: Non-profit organisations
Buying heirloom seeds: Commercial sources
Buying organic seeds
NGOs and GOs concerned with Plant Genetic Diversity
Books for Seedsavers
Supplies for Seedsavers

The site includes links that I have collected over the past 2 years (with some
yet to be incorporated) from the WWW, newsgroups, mailing lists etc. It is under
construction (and always will be I guess) and hasn't been fully sorted, checked
for dead links, geographical locations, site comments etc. I will work on that
as time allows but I felt there was sufficient material now to 'go live'.

If you harbour an interest in these topics I would like to ask you to take a
look at the site and to send me anything that you think should have a place
This includes:
* Good solid information on Plant Genetic Resources (PGR), Intellectual Property
Rights (IPR) etc. and NGO/GOs concerned with these matters
* Your favourite supplier of organic/OP/non-GMO seed, particularly small,
family-run or cooperative set-ups or non-profit organisations; WWW Bulletin
Bords for seed swaps etc.; Suppliers need not have a website or e-mail, I will
also incorporate addresses, Tel./Fax # where there is no webpage.
* Your own website listing HAVE/WANTED seeds
* Good books on the subject
* Suppliers of equipment for seedsavers
* Anything else that you think may be of interest.
* Any criticism in terms of site content, layout etc. that you may have.

Obviously if you could incorporate a link to that site in your own that would be
much appreciated.

I would also like to stress that this site is an individual effort by a keen
gardener (myself). It is non-commercial and will not contain advertising. I have
no connection whatsoever with any of the seed merchants (except I have bought of
some of them) and will not profit in any way from this site, except for the
satisfaction it gives me to see that more and more people are becoming aware of
the genetic erosion in our food crops and are doing something about it. 

BTW Future projects include an unofficial Irish Sustainable Agriculture site and
a Permaculture site.

Thanks a lot and Happy gardening!

Ute Bohnsack
Dipl.-Ing. TU Landschafts- und Freiraumplanung
Ute Bohnsack
Co. Clare
mailto:sustag at tinet.ie
EN-DE-EN Naturschutz, Landschaftsplanung, Landwirtschaft

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