how do I subscribe to this list?

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How do I subscribe to this list?

There are other PC lists that you might be interested in.
I'd like to add subscription info on this list to this document:

permaculture mailing lists:

1)permaculture at (this one will soon be
bi-directionally gated to the alt.permaculture list)
2)permaculture at
subscription info is here:

3)permaculture at
and many other lists, i.e. organic gardening, seed saving, soil quality,
small farming, market gardening, and others - these lists are also
fully accessable as newsgroups and as webforums - read and post using all
three methods - all posts are archives and are publically readable)
subscription info is here:

4)perma-l at
New posting ID for perma-l: perma-l at
(old posting ID: perma-l at
Date: 01 Aug 1999 15:27:28 +0200
From: Thilo Pfennig <vinci at>
Reply-To: perma-l at
To: perma-l at
Subject: New address
New articles for perma-l please post to: perma-l at
Thilo Pfennig <http://Alternativ.Net/>
Contact Thilo Pfennig, vinci at for subscription info
OR subscribe yourself with this info:
For subcribtion send email to: 
perma-l-request at
subscribe (your name>
unsubscribe <your name>
OR send email to:
petidomo at
subscribe perma-l <your name>
unsubscribe perma-l <your name>
Info from Thilo about this list:
This is a mailinglist for natural farming (europe/temerate climate)
and is for discussion about natural farming and permaculture for
europe (and temperate climates). 
This includes the methods of Masanobu Fukuoka, Marc Bonfils and others. 
I felt it was not useful to exclude non-permaculture natural
farming. Fukuoka is very active nowadays in southern europe.

5)perma at (Australia, hosted by Permaculture Association of
Western Australia, PAWA,
send email to: listserver at with message text:


alt.permaculture (new and very nice, no spam, no flames) (may have to get this at DejaNews)

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