Pond construction ideas needed: more questions...

EFMonaco EFMonaco at compuserve.com
Tue Aug 3 16:51:37 EDT 1999

I don't know what others will say about this, but conventional wisdom says
that tree plantings will increase seepage because the roots penetrate the
dam core material.  Bamboo, however, spreads a mat laterally and isn't
supposed to penetrate deep enough to break apart the core.  No fruit for
the fish to eat; and I've never seen this actually done to know if it
works.  If it didn't, the bamboo would be tough to get out.

>I'll take advantage of this thread to ask about planting trees near pond
banks, when
making self-feed aquaculture systems ( for fruit-eating fish).  The  dam
areas get very
hot in the summer, and I wonder if one can safely plant trees on them , or
would this
increase  seepage?

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