Lespedeza (was Re: Pond construction...)

Loren Davidson lorenstwin at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 3 14:06:45 EDT 1999

--- "Lawrence F. London, Jr." <london at metalab.unc.edu> wrote:
>  Lespedeza is an amazing
> plant. I
> suggest it as a catchment and erosion control plant because it is
> very
> drought resistant and will grow lavishly in hard rocky ground, the
> type of
> fill that might be used in the dam itself.(...)  This planting has
> outcompeted
> all nearby plants, Johnson grass, tall fescue, wild blackberries and
> Japanese honeysuckle.

First I've heard of this one.  Besides erosion control, what's it good
for?  What out-competes or preys on *it*, or how do you keep it in
balance with the surrounding ecosystem?  And who carries the seed?

Inquiring minds want to know...


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