Pond construction ideas needed (for FranksFarm)

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Tue Aug 3 11:38:19 EDT 1999

G'day Mates

In a message dated 8/3/99 5:01:53 AM, pcorgbgo at bendigo.net.au writes:

<<Batters are expressed as a
width to height ratio. A retaining wall has no batter as it is straight up
and down or has a 1:1 batter.  A slope that falls 1 metre vertically over 3m
horizontally is a 3:1 batter.>>  Ah...I see.  Don't think we use the term" 
batters" in the US. I'm sure there are a few others too:)  You use "dams" for 
ponds etc.

Yes I was planning on a slope of 3:1 for the pond sides. Good to hear you 
confirm same.

<<There are a couple fo formulae to work this out (I just get my surveyor to
work it out on his computer as a DEM) but for working it out you need to use
the prismoidal formula.>>  Oh, oh...hvaen't a clue what the <<prismoidal 
formula>> is. he he

<<1.25 Megalitres (1 250 000 litres) >>  Conversion system problems again. 
OK... if I have this right one acre foot of water contains 1, 250,000 liters 
of water. Then if it were 8'deep all around( which it isn't) it would 
contain10 mega liters of water.  Am I doing that right?

OK...can anyone translate this into some useable statistics for irrigation, 
pumping etc. etc.

<<Caterpillar as
they have cubic feet/metres per hour figures for their different machines
(where operated optimally)>> Great idea!! Do you perhaps have the URL for 
that page bookmarked. It will save me some time.

<<The catchment runoff calculation is roughly as follows: (NB.
Metric is so much easier to work out all this stuff)

100 x A x R x Y litres>> Thanks for the formula...I'll call extension later 

<<You need large trees preferably with durable timber so that they don't rot
too quick in the water. If you have a gentle enough entry slope then drag
them half in so that they are partially submerged. Again pictures would
help.>> Are you in effect creating snags?  will they look good, pose safety 
problems? probably good habitat/protection for some species.

Would cedars, locust work well? How about beech...I've got some hugh beeches 
that forester says I should take out of forest. Some are over 4' thick at 
DBH.  Sure wish I could find a use for that wood. Local mills don't give much 
because they say it warps and twists a lot.

Darren...appreciate your taking time from your mortgage lifter to respond. I 
know I'm grateful.  BFN

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