The Semiology of Permaculture

John Abdon jabdon at
Mon Aug 2 12:20:43 EDT 1999

To Sam, Joe, and Doug (on the Marsh above Deer Harbor):

Permacultural Virtual Worlds Project: Interim Report #1

Does everything in the realm of permaculture go this slow? When we parted
ways in the Fall of 1995, you were headed back to Siberia to gather genetic
plant resources, and I was headed back to Cyberia (Enclave of CyberSpace) to
gather virtual genetic algorthythms...

My first step was to help construct the very high level visual tools
necessary to bridge the semiological gaps in the scientific communities.
These tools are well into their infancy is a good
example of what I have been building the construction

On my part, this has meant extending knowledge of object oriented
technologies and artificial intelligence to i

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