some people!!!!

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Sun Sep 20 12:15:02 EDT 1998

>From: Terry Haven <terrymoe at>
>hi vic hope this finds you well and your sanity intact just thought id make
>a comment regarding all the missinformed people whinging re getting mail

I am doing my best to assertain how people are being included in our list
who don't want to be and I apologise for that.
I don't appreciate the lack of control that was expressed while the process
 was being examined.

Once again.!!!!!!!!!!

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>Please feel free to send me a copy of this back to me .
>yours TERRY 

 Also I have had an unusual header crash my e-mail. I have been out of action 
for a week. 
I have had to deal with!!!!
 1. Diabetes monitoring (New process). 2. An operation which has had
me on Vallium for the last week.

Viva La permaculture.
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