Turning a pool into a pond

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Dear Vic, 

Thanks so much for your reply.  I'll instigate suggestions and see how I go

At 10:57 8/09/98 WST, you wrote:
>>Hi - I'm not sure where I am or you are!  I'm new as you can probably tell!
>>I received all these emails for other people - but most I replied to were
>>Can I post a message to ask about how to turn a backyard fibreglass pool into
>>a pond - with marron to act as scavengers - in Perth?
>Yes and people can either offer you a course in Permaculture design which
>should include Aquaculture or advise you how to do it.
>Can anyone add any information about colloidal silver as a way of keeping 
>the water safe.
>>Also, I cannot clear what we have been told are "stickfast" on our chooks.
>>we had no problem for 8 years.  Then my wormwoods died and about 6 months 
>>infestation!  We have oiled + euc/oil + 1 dr pennyroyal which kill the tick
>>things immediately, and do not harm our birds.  As soon as we return the
>>birds to the chook run area - within 24 hours they are back.  The birds
>>become very rundown very quickly and we have neem oiled the run and rested
>>it and  - HELP!
>>They stick all around the eyes and combs etc and make them miserable.  They
>>lose condition very quickly.  We also need to reorganise our run - could the
>>local doves be bringing in the stickfast?
>One of the problems is sand can harbour fleas. A chook tractor with a perch
>for the chooks (which you keep oiled ) sounds like a good idea. To rest the 
>run. Hang a piece of cloth soked in oil at the entrance to the chook nests,
>which will keep the chooks head and eyes oiled.
>Some fleas apparently have to get to the chooks mouth to get enough 
>moisture to live.
>>Many thanks
>>birch at nettrek.com.au
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