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Dan (that was your name amidst all the other information?),

Thanks for the specific starting points. It's after midnight and I feel like starting
right away!

My trees/logs are Douglas Fir. Will they last in such a wall?


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> In a message dated 9/22/98 12:43:53 AM, newman at bcinternet.net wrote:
> I'm looking for advice on building a retaining wall from logs/fallen trees.
> The bank
> is beside my house and about six feet high. I want to halt erosion and soil
> flow. Any
> advice or references? I've found a little helpful material in the Permaculture
> manual.
> Jeffrey Newman>>
> First, if the trees are of species that rot quickly, you are wasting your
> time, if they are species such as willow or mulberry that sprout from logs,
> you may well end up with a living wall.
> Now, lay a length of logs the long way along the bank.  Backfill level with
> the logs or just a little lower.  Now lay short lengths, maybe 8 feet,
> pointing into where the bank will be so that the ends of these logs rest on
> the first course.  Now backfill so that you can lay a nother course of logs
> the long way.  The logs going into the bank use the pressure from the load to
> hold the logs beneath them in place.  If you make the bank slope back a bit
> away from the edge at the bottom you can plant in the spaces.  Notching the
> logs is ok if they are rot-resistant species, but the wall will not last as
> long.  I wouldn't bother.  I built a wall like this when I was a college
> student, 40 years ago, and it is still in place with no maintenance required.
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