Embankment Erosion Control

Jeffrey Newman newman at bcinternet.net
Tue Sep 22 13:37:24 EDT 1998

Thanks Adriana,

I scanned the material and it looks excellent. I was hoping, though, to find something on
building a retaining wall with logs. Our property is littered with them so it will serve
at least two purposes (Bill M is smiling).


Adriana Gutierrez wrote:

> Jeffrey,
> Check out this web page which is part of ECHO (Educational
> Concerns for Hunger Organization's) web site related to terrrace
> farming and erosion control on hills:
> http://www.xc.org/echo/aztext/azch5hil.htm#Inno
> Adriana Gutierrez, Sarasota, Fl
> Jeffrey Newman wrote:
> > I'm looking for advice on building a retaining wall from logs/fallen trees. The bank
> > is beside my house and about six feet high. I want to halt erosion and soil flow.



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