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Could you help us get the word out on this course? Please forward to all 
who might be interested. Thanks.

Belle Starr

The visionary architectural development site, Arcosanti, in Central 
Arizona, is hosting a a two week course on PERMACULTURE from October 18- 
Nov. 1st. International and local permaculture peachers will cover 
renewable energy systems, alternative building technologies including 
straw bale, how to grow permanent crops (food forests) and set up water 
harvesting systems among other topics. The course is a must for 
architects, students, planners, farmers, ranchers, homeowners, educators, 
and anyone else interested in learning how to create sustainable systems 
that are profitable and offer all kinds of solutions to many of our 
modern day challenges. Course leaders include Ernest Callenbach, author 
of the underground classic, Ecotopia and a new book, Ecology, a Pocket 
Guide. Also presenting will be Larry Korn, who in addition to working 
with Japanese author and ecologist, Masanobu Fukuoka, translated and 
edited Fukuoka's, The One-Straw Revolution. Bay Area architect Bob Theis 
will lead a hands-on workshop on straw bale. A pristine desert 
environment serves as the backdrop for this two week-"ecological camp for 
adults."  The course is sponsored by the non-profit International 
Institute for Ecological Agriculture. For information, cost and to 
register, call 1-888-PERMACULTURE.

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