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Iknow that when combined with the supply of micronutrients this is the 
best. All of the info around Holistic managemnet is about this in nature.

I hope this message is of genuine interest to you since it involves farming
processes. If not please simply ask to be taken off our list.

After 17 years or so of independent testing, as well as many successful
commercial applications in the field, the evidence is now overwhelming.
Microbial soil treatments are simply better all round than chemical
fertilizers and pesticides.......

1) They cost much less per acre.
2) They reduce the need for (and cost of) pesticides.
3) They increase crop yields from 20% to 40% depending on the crop and soil

By consequence - in days when farmers are struggling to make a living - the
use of microbials substantially improve farm operating profits.

There are other benefits too.
Microbials are certified all natural, non toxic and non pathogenic. They are
authorized by USDA and Organically Certified. They improve soil tilth and
reduce hard pan. And because they so improve soil condition, thus releasing
more nutrients to the plant, they are appropriate to any crop - including
pasture - in any soil condition, degraded or otherwise.

Microbial treatments first began in Texas primarily to quickly and
efficiently clean up oil spills and remediate damaged ground areas. Now a
variation of that initial product is used to clean up waste lagoons and
other products have evolved to suit special crops in special soil

It is very easy to test microbials with winter or summer crops - and costs
nothing under our test rebate plan. (See our Web site for details.) You can
very quickly determine for yourself what microbials will do for your
operation - and I guarantee that you will be delighted with results.

Microbial soil treatments are, in my opinion, the very future of farming - a
big step forward to sustainable agriculture and appropriate to any type of
farming including dairy and "organic".

Please visit our Web Site for further
details:  http://home.earthlink.net/~ahp007/

And if you would like a free Budget Comparison (Microbials Versus Urea 46)
or any additional information please E Mail me at  ahp007 at earthlink.net

Thank you for your interest.
Best Wishes

Arnold Parkinson
Organics International

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