On-line Telecom for Rural Development Pre-conference (fwd)

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This is pretty interesting for permies, in rural areas, with some 
useful web address'.


>From: Susan Rimkus <srimkus at UOGUELPH.CA>
>Subject:      On-line Telecom for Rural Development Pre-conference (fwd)

>Item 1) http://clients.tdg.ca/snowden/conference/forum.cfm
>The Online Pre-conference for the "Partnerships and Participation in
>Telecommunications for Rural Development" Conference starts TODAY and
>continues to October 21, 1998.
>Visit the website (http://clients.tdg.ca/snowden/conference/forum.cfm) and
>contribute your ideas, experiences and lessons learned.  Watch this
>website over the coming days for participant input from around the world
>and updates of papers and documents.  There are three conference forums:
>1) Lessons Learned from the Past
>2) Current Rural Development Activity
>3) Future Activities
>Item 2) You can also join our "face-to-face" conference at the University
>of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario Canada on October 26 & 27, 1998 - see
>http://www.snowden.org/conference/index.cfm for more details!
>Item 3) The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has joined our
>list of sponsors, contributing to enable a number of participants from its
>Multi-purpose Community Telecentres (MCT) initiatives in developing
>countries to attend the face-to-face conference in Guelph.  Learn more
>about the ITU's "Rural Development and Universal Access" initiatives at:
>Item 4) The International Development Research Centre's (IDRC) "Acacia
>Initiative" is not only helping fund the conference - Acacia participants
>will be attending the conference to share their experiences with
>communities and the information society in rural Sub-Saharan Africa.
>Learn more about the Acacia Initiative at: http://www.idrc.ca/acacia/ and
>explore its extensive resources on ICTs in community development.
>Item 5) Library networks, agricultural marketing, small business
>enhancement, social service support - all part of a unique Canadian
>initiative in Lanark County, Ontario: "Grow Lanark"  Janet Findlay from
>Grow Lanark will be attending the conference to talk about the importance
>of community partnerships and community outreach in a telecommunications
>initiative focused on long-term economic and community growth and
>development.  See http://www.thelcn.on.ca/lcn.htm for more details about
>this fascinating project!


Nancy Grudens-Schuck, Ph.D.

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