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If you have an interest in the effects of chemicals this list looks 

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Announcing a New E-Mail Discussion Group "CHEMRANK" -- 

        Chemical ranking and scoring issues and methods

We are forming a new Internet discussion group and invite your
participation.  "CHEMRANK" will be a forum for discussing issues, methods,
and innovations in relative assessments of chemicals.  It is intended as an
international forum for CRS practitioners and policy makers who use Chemical
Ranking and Scoring.

CHEMRANK will be a forum for open discussion on topics such as:

-       New chemical evaluation efforts planned or underway
-       Questions pertaining to evaluating/assessing lists of potentially
toxic         chemicals
-       Useful sources of information/chemical data you are looking for or
want         to share with others
-       Announcements of meetings, publications, RFPs, etc.
-       Anything else of interest in this area

CHEMRANK will be an automated, unmoderated e-mail discussion group
administered by the University of Tennessee Center for Clean Products and
Clean Technologies (CPCT) in Knoxville, Tennessee and hosted by Mary Swanson. 

Only subscribers may post to the list.
To subscribe to CHEMRANK,

Send e-mail to:
        listserv at

Leave subject line blank (or enter your name)

In the body of the message, type:
        subscribe CHEMRANK

Be sure to omit any signature lines at the end of your e-mail message.
After you subscribe, you will receive information on how to post to the
list, get HELP, unsubscribe, etc.

If you have any questions about this list, please contact Mary Swanson at
mswanso1 at (To clarify my e-mail address: "mswanso" are letters and
"1" is a number - this matters on some computers, not others.)

Hope to hear from you soon!

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