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Thu Oct 29 20:08:04 EST 1998

I am so excited -
yesterday an echidna came to call!!
i only happened to find him because he knocked over a commercial-style worm
farm with silly dainty legs.
and unfortunately much of the rare seeds i am propagating for seed savers
came down too.
lucky for the echidna he didn't get injured.
i had to sit and watch for a good half hour to make sure he was fit to
wander off.
he was the size of a half soccerball with small fury legs like a toy
his nose, when he finally looked about, was black, long and tapered and his
eyes small dark and blinking.
i think the recent dry spell has brought him out - it was whether like this
that we first saw the brush turkey - which has now gone off to find a mate i
think - there were no feathers to indicate his capture, just a sudden
absence which is good
as he had a wicked taste for hens eggs!!  hope he is protected of his own
eggs (the brush turkey male raises the eggs).
it special surprises like this that make it all worthwhile.  if it wasn't
for my permaculture work i wouldn't be out in the garden
for hours and nor would my children.
and if wasn't for permaculture i wouldn't have had a garden sympathetic to
native animals and
wouldn't be honing my observation skills.

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