Fw: green guerrilla groups in New York

Permaculture West permawest at olywa.net
Wed Oct 28 14:23:18 EST 1998

> From: Henk Smit <hdwsmit at dds.nl>
> To: permawest at olywa.net
> Subject: green guerrilla groups in New York
> Date: Wednesday, October 28, 1998 1:34 PM
> I am writing you from right across the ocean, from Amsterdam the
> Netherlands. Someone from our enviromental group wants to visit the
> permaculture projects in the city of New York. We saw them on one of the
> movies of Bill Morrison and we donot know any address. Perhaps one of
> you know??????? We want to know it very soon because he is leaving on
> October 30th. It is important for us because perhaps we start similar
> projects in Amsterdam
> Josie

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