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Wed Oct 28 19:50:59 EST 1998

Dear all,
I thought this might be of interest to you.

"The Danish Combined Food & Energy (CFE) System

            Combining food or fodder and biofuel production can be a way to
improve not only the
            economics, but also the ecology of farming. Such systems are
presently investigated as
            part of a European research project. 

            One basic assumption of introducing a combined food and energy (CFE)
system is that biomass
            should provide at least as much fossil energy as is consumed in the
direct and upstream
            agricultural part of the scheme; this also includes the energy used
in harvesting and transporting
            the biomass. This substitution of fossil with biomass energy is a
first step towards reducing
            man-made CO2 emissions (Hall and House 1994, Schlamadinger and
Spitzer 1994) leading to a
            more sustainable agricultural sector and society. "

check out their site at

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